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Available Kittens

Our kittens are far more than a business to us - they're family. We breed responsibly and pay special attention to minimizing the known hereditary diseases by having all our parent animals' health tested by a certified vet. Our breeding cats are genetically tested negative against PKD, HCM, FIV, and FeLV, and we provide all of their paperwork when they go home. They are all socialized with children, dogs, and people so that they are entirely comfortable in any safe environment. All of our kittens are extraordinarily friendly and love attention.


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Our kittens will be allowed to go home between 12 and 14 weeks after they're spayed/neutered, microchipped, and have their first two rounds of FCRVP so that they're up to date with vaccinations. We require a basic contract/guarantee to be signed at the time of adoption. The cost of adopting a kitten is $2800, or $4500 for two kittens, as we highly recommend that they go home in pairs. 

It's always so exciting when people that have gotten a kitten from us in the past return to get them a friend. If you're a returning adopter, you'll receive $500 off of your kitten,


Before reserving a kitten or joining our waitlist, please fill out the form on our 'Kitten Application' page. Once you've sent in your application, follow up with us via email to confirm the details and coordinate selecting your kitten. After choosing your kitten, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit to be paid via Venmo to @mischievousragdolls. As soon as the deposit is received, we mark your kitten as 'reserved' on our website and continue to update you until you bring home your new family member. The deposit helps us cover the cost of their vet care and goes towards their $2800 fee. The remaining $2300 is paid on the day they go to their new homes.


To reserve your spot on our waitlist, we require a non-refundable deposit of $250 that can be paid via Venmo to our account @mischievousragdolls. Then, once the kittens are born, we'll need the remaining $250 deposit to be sent. When reserving a spot on our waitlist, you're allowed to choose which litter you're interested in and the gender of your prospective kitten. Still, you'll typically have a specific number pick of the litter depending on when you joined the waitlist. 


We typically like to wait until the kittens are two weeks old before allowing families to choose which kitten they would like to reserve. Ragdoll kittens are born completely white and gradually gain their color as they grow, so we'll have a better idea of their markings at this age. At this time, families will select their kittens via photos/videos in the order that their names were added to our waitlist.


 All kittens will need to be picked up at our home in Union, NJ. We will be sad to see them go but are so excited for them to be spoiled by their new families.


Please email us at with any inquiries or to reserve a kitten.

Zoey & Milo's Kittens:
Available the Weekend of April 29th

This litter of kittens is available and will be ready to go to their new homes after April 29th. 

Zoey's K Litter-17.jpg


Male - Cream Bi-Color


Male - Cream Bi-Color

Zoey's K Litter-13.jpg


Female - Blue Bi-Color Tortie


Male - Cream Bi-Color

Chloe & Frankie's Kittens:
Available the Weekend of April 29th

This litter of kittens is available and will be ready to go to their new homes on the weekend of April 29th. 



Male - Mitted Flamepoint


Female - Seal Bi-Color Tortie



Male - Seal Bi-Color


Male - Mitted Flamepoint 

Julie & Milo's Kittens:
Available the Weekend of May 6th

This litter of kittens is available and will be ready to go to their new homes on the weekend of May 6th. 


Male - Bluepoint


Male - Mitted Sealpoint



Male - Mitted Bluepoint


Male - Sealpoint

Waitlist for Pearl & Milo's Kittens
Anticipated Due Date in March

Please email us at to be added to the waitlist for this upcoming litter. We anticipate a mix of blue-mitted, bluepoint, and blue bi-color kittens.