Our Queens



Lilac Point Lynx

Ivy is a two year old Lilac Colorpoint Lynx Ragdoll with icy blue eyes that is very affectionate, and intelligent. In general she is not demanding of attention, but she's happiest when she is resting in our lap.  She responds to her name when called, and enjoys playing fetch with her toys.


Seal Bi-Color Tortie

Chloe is a two year old Seal Bi-Color Tortie that gives the impression that she is more dog than cat. She is very vocal, unlike most Ragdoll cats, and actively goes out of her way to communicate to us. Our girl is not startled by anything, and is excited to welcome strangers when they visit. Chloe is always following us around the house begging to be cuddled.


Our Kings



Blue Colorpoint

Frankie is a three year old Blue Point Lynx Ragdoll, and is our only male cat. Out of the three, he is the smallest, and has a strong desire to please. Wherever we are, he is not far behind, and often gently places his two front paws on our arms when he would like attention. He is incredibly sweet, and gentle, yet, curious about everything. Frankie is the father to both Ivy, and Chloe's litters of kittens.


The Star of the Show

We love all our animals at Mischievous Ragdolls, but Spot is one of the most beautiful types of this breed we have ever seen. They have a wonderfully cheeky disposition that compliments their cute demeanor perfectly.

Cat in Basket

 Please contact us if you are interested in adopting one of the kittens from our most recent litter.