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Our Queens



Blue Point Lynx

Ivy is a three-year-old Blue Point Lynx Ragdoll with icy blue eyes that is very affectionate and intelligent. She responds to her name when called and enjoys playing fetch with her toys. Generally, she has a very mellow demeanor and is happiest when resting in our laps.


Seal Bi-Color Tortie

Chloe is a three-year-old Seal Bi-Color Tortie Ragdoll that gives the impression that she is more dog than a cat. Our girl is not startled by anything and is excited to welcome strangers when they visit. Unlike most Ragdoll cats, she is very vocal and actively meows to communicate with us. Chloe is always following us around the house, begging for cuddles.

Cats 4_21-1.jpg
Cats 4_21-22.jpg


Seal Bi-Color

Julie is a two-year-old Seal Point Bi-Color Ragdoll that is as sweet as she is beautiful. She is the queen of naps and can usually be found lying against a window sunbathing. Captivatingly charming yet curious about everything, she always snuggles her way into everyone's heart.


Blue Point Lynx

Charlotte is a two-year-old Blue Point Lynx Ragdoll with the most adorable face and voice to match. Born in our home to Ivy and Frankie in the Winter of 2020, we've raised her to be the most gentle lap cat. Charlotte is very aware - we swear that she loves watching tv and is happiest snuggled on the couch for movie night.

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Blue Point Mitted

Pearl is a two-year-old Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll with the most loving and funniest personality. She is very calm but a complete goofball at the same time. Pearl often finds herself in awkward spots - hanging upside down from the cat tree, squeezed in on a bookshelf, tucked in a laundry basket, but that is where she's most content! When she's not doing kitty gymnastics, she can be found nestled in our arms.


Blue Bi-Color Tortie

Zoey is a one-and-a-half-year-old Blue Bi-Color Tortie Ragdoll with the most gentle disposition. She is one of our larger Ragdolls, with a beautiful, plush coat, and captivating blue eyes. 


Seal Point Mitted

Willow is a one-and-a-half-year-old Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll with the most beautiful blue eyes, and friendliest disposition. She never misses an opportunity to cuddle up in our laps and follows us everywhere we go.  Willow has a particular fondness for our young children, and let's them carry her around wherever they please. 

Our Kings

Cats 4_21-10.jpg


Blue Bi-Color

Milo is a one-and-a-half-year-old Blue Point Bi-Color Ragdoll who joined our family overseas from Russia. He is a giant ball of energy who never wants to stop playing. Even though Milo is playful, he is just as affectionate. He makes friends with everyone, including our two puppies, who he even likes to join for nap time.


  Blue Colorpoint

Frankie is a three-year-old Blue Point Ragdoll with one of the most gentle dispositions. He'll climb into our laps when he wants affection and gently place two paws on us until we pet him. Out of all our cats, he is one of the smallest and has a strong desire to please. So wherever we are, Frankie is not far behind.


 Please contact us if you are interested in adopting one of the kittens from our most recent litter.

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