About the Breed:

The Ragdoll is a newer breed of cat that first originated in America in the 1960s. The first known breeder, Ann Baker, bred her cats selectively for their desired "dog-like" personality traits, and large blue eyes. The name "Ragdoll" comes from their tendency to completely relax when being picked up - just like a floppy doll!

They grow to be larger, heavier cats that tend to reach maturity, and gain their full coloring at around 4 years old. At maturity, males average to be around 15-20 pounds, and females grow to be 10-15 pounds. They are known to be a very intelligent, and trainable breed. Some cats can even be taught to play fetch. They are extroverted, but not demanding, and tend to adapt well in different environments. This makes them the perfect family pets who will be sociable towards children and other animals.

Ragdoll cats are ideal for either single individuals or families as the Ragdoll is an easy to care for cat. The coat needs regular brushing, but is not a high maintenance coat like many other long-haired breeds. It does not have an undercoat, and the hair is silky which makes it easy to care for. Owners of these cats must be committed to keeping them indoors for their own protection, and play with dogs or enthusiastic children should be supervised as these cats will not defend themselves. If you're looking for a cat that is gentle, affectionate, and that forms close bonds without being overly demanding then this is the breed for you.